We Go To Court with Our Clients

Every week the attorneys at Lewis & Jurnovoy, P.A. are attending Court hearings with our clients. We believe that it is important that the attorney that you see and meet with is also the attorney that stands by you and presents your case in the Courtroom. This is not true for all attorneys.

We see people in Court every week without their attorney. Either they hired an attorney that does not actually attend Court hearings or they may have hired an out of area or even an out of state attorney. Some people testify in Court that they have never even met their attorney in person. I find this very upsetting to see people in Court without their attorney and even more upsetting that people have never even had a face to face meeting with their attorney.

As I prepare today to go to Court, I have approximately 30 separate hearings to attend. I am proud to go to Court and stand with my clients in the prosecution of their cases. I am intimately familiar with each and every case. My clients know me and I know them. My clients will feel a great deal of relief and less stress when they see me in Court.

I am their advocate, their voice. It is what we do.