Daughter Attends Bankruptcy Court Hearing with Elderly Mother

We see a lot of families in our office. Parents come in with their children, children come with their parents, grandparents come with children and grandchildren. We believe that it is important that each generation of family continue to support each other as we go through life.

In this particular case, the widowed parent came in to see Martin & Steven with her two daughters. The parent is 85 years old and is burdened with credit card debt totaling approximately $12,000. Her only income is Social Security totaling $936.00 per month. Her income is not even enough to pay her monthly living expenses much less pay her credit card debt.

After she came in on a Free Consultation, we recommended that she file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The filing of this type of Bankruptcy shall forever relieve her of the credit card debt. The credit card companies will never be able to contact her again regarding those debts.

When I attended the Bankruptcy Court hearing with her, I instructed the daughter that she could also come to court with her mother. When her mother’s hearing was called, the daughter was allowed to sit at the hearing table with her mother as the court asked her a few questions, as is customary in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case. Her hearing lasted approximately 5 minutes.

We know that people are scared and nervous when they have to attend a Bankruptcy Court hearing. Having a family member present helps calms those fears and provides an immeasurable degree of comfort. We know that and we encourage it.

Our law practice is designed to help people through difficult financial times in their lives. Our advice is not only legal, but also practical in an effort to make a complex matter simple and less stressful.

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