Filing Bankruptcy Stops All Collection Efforts Against You

When a person or business file for Bankruptcy relief, the law requires that as soon as the case is filed, that all collection efforts must stop. For example, the Bankruptcy filing stops a foreclosure sale, an automobile repossession, a wage garnishment, a lawsuit, billing, collection letters, and telephone calls.

The Bankruptcy Court is a Court of relief. A place where you go to seek help and protection from your creditors. The Bankruptcy Laws are designed to give you breathing room, a chance to live without fear of collection, a Fresh Start. As soon as the case is filed and the creditor is notified, then the collection efforts must stop. Failure to stop the collection efforts by the creditor could result in you being awarded punitive and compensatory damages.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy allows people the opportunity to reorganize and force different payment terms on your creditors. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy allows you to simply eliminate as much debt as possible.

The attorneys at Lewis & Jurnovoy, P.A. file both types of bankruptcy cases every day. People come to us in times of distress, when things aren’t going so well, when the financial burden is too heavy.

We use the Bankruptcy Court to force your creditors into submission and allow you an opportunity to move forward with your life and a better financial plan.

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