Save your house from foreclosure

WARNING! Do not wait until it’s too late to save your house from foreclosure. Over the past week, we have received at least six phone calls from home owners in Escambia, Santa Rosa, Okaloosa, Walton and Bay counties the day before their homes were set to be sold at a foreclosure sale.

Once the house is sold at a foreclosure sale it is gone forever. The good news is this can be prevented by filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case prior to the foreclosure sale date. Chapter 13 allows us to help you keep your house by providing a plan to catch up your missed mortgage payments over a five year period or attempt to modify your mortgage payments to a reasonable payment. The Chapter 13 option also allows us to deal with your other debts such as credit card debt which may not need to be paid in full (maybe 10 cents on the dollar). This would free up money to be used to help pay your house payment. Please review our previous blogs on this issue.

Lewis & Jurnovoy, PA can help you save your house but you must come in for your free appointment before the actual foreclosure sale.

Why do home owners wait until the last second to call our office when their house is in jeopardy?

Do Not Believe You Can Stop A Foreclosure. Many people along the Gulf Coast do not realize Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop a foreclosure.

Listen To Mortgage Company. Once a foreclosure lawsuit is received home owners often call the mortgage company for assistance. Many mortgage companies make it seem like they will assist you and give the impression that there may be options available to help and ask for information including pay stubs and tax returns. Sometimes they keep asking for the same things over and over and you talk to a different person each time. Finally a few days before the sale, they say there is nothing we can do.

Hire Mortgage Foreclosure Rescue Service. Third parties who charge fees and give the impression they can work a deal with the mortgage company. This may be done through the internet or by phone. In most cases, you never meet face to face with the service. Right before the foreclosure sale they tell you there is no deal and go file for bankruptcy.

Think about this. The same mortgage company you are calling for help has already sent your mortgage/file to their lawyer who filed a foreclosure lawsuit against you to take your house away. At that point, most mortgage companies are not likely to help. If your big powerful mortgage company has a lawyer to help them take your house why shouldn’t you have a lawyer to represent your interest.

Remember there is hope and help. You need to take action immediately upon receiving a foreclosure lawsuit. Do not wait until the eve of the foreclosure sale to call Lewis & Jurnovoy, PA for your free appointment. If you are trying alternatives then if there is not a satisfactory solution within two weeks of the foreclosure sale date, then Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be your only option to save your house. Lewis & Jurnovoy wants to help you and your family keep your house.