Bank of America fined $220,000

An Orlando couple was awarded $220,000 as a result of BOA ignoring the Bankruptcy’s Court Orders and refusing to modify their mortgage. This is nearly a record fine for the Middle District of Florida and is sending quite a message to the big banks. Although this decision is still subject to reconsideration, it appears to be a great win for consumers.

The couple, Mr. and Mrs. Grant-Hougland, had filed Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2010 in order to save their home. According to court records, it appears that BOA had approved their home modification but then the modification was denied. The bank continued to send them monthly statements indicating no modification was in place despite several court orders enforcing the loan modification. In the Court’s Order awarding the fine, Judge Jennemann described BOA’s behavior as a “complete and utter failure of BOA to comply with the previous Orders of this Court and the Loan Modification”.

The docket does reflect that BOA has already requested reconsideration of the fine based on alleged improper service.